Musings on a New Chinese Name

Published on February 18, 2020
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Taking notes on characters suitable for creating a new Chinese name. The one I have doesn't sound very Chinese, having been bestowed somewhat haphazardly by otherwise-excellent teachers of introductory Chinese.

Surname list with well over 250 entries, including two-character ones:

Surname candidate syllables: [zhang zheng zhong zhai zhan jing]. Candidate characters:

  • 暲 zhang1 sunrise; bright
  • 荆 jing1
  • 峥 zheng1 lofty, noble; steep, high, perilous 峥嵘
  • 晸 zhen3,zheng3 appearance of the sun
  • 绛 jiang4 purple-red

"M"-initial candidate syllables: [ma man mang mai mu mi miao miu mao men meng mei]. Candidate characters:

  • 狇 mu4 no meaning listed (NML)
  • 莯 mu4 NML
  • 睦 mu4 friendly amiable peaceful
  • 渺 miao3 endlessly long, boundless, vast
  • 淼 miao3 a vast expanse of water
  • 玅 miao4 mysterious, subtle, exquisite

"W"-initial candidate syllables: [wa wan wang wu wo wei weng]. Candidate characters:

  • 日子旁,右边是伟的右边 wěi "the bright shining of the sun" (apparently not typeable on mac)

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