A Gift from "Endlessly Stupid" to a New Hermit

Published on October 8, 2020
Last updated on October 28, 2020
Categories: chinese, poetry, translation and zh

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A certain Mr. Stasse (featured several times on this website) has temporarily withdrawn from society to live at a Buddhist retreat.

Original Title: 《老傻赐新隐士》

2020-10-13: On reflection, I dislike the third line and will probably change it. It's a leftover from the first draft, and out of place.


Rough translation (updated 2020-10-13):

Autumn wind shakes the trees, but the fruits don't go along
I wish the hermit was here to appreciate it, too
Life's twists and turns aren't worth guessing at
He is steady, like the fruits, and that's worth imitating

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